About KIPPArts.com

KIPPArts.com was created to showcase the talent of Kippsters from KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory Academy.

Our school serves students through 5th Grade to 8th Grade.

The mission of KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory Academy is to develop the character, knowledge, and skills of our students so they will succeed in top-quality high schools, college, and the competitive world beyond.

Visit our school site: https://kippphiladelphia.org/our-schools/kipp-philadelphia-preparatory-academy/

Art Teacher


   Over the years I have worked in Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, Bethesda MD, Washington DC, Harper’s Ferry WV, Greensboro NC, and Gaston NC as Art and Journalism Teacher, Basketball Coach, Faculty Advisor, Photographer, and Web/Graphic Designer. With a BS degree in Elementary Education, I enjoy working with people of all ages. I have worked and volunteered at a variety of Educational institutions, including Child Development and Day Care centers, Elementary, Middle, and High schools, as well as colleges for Summer camp and facilities holding Educational conferences for Leadership. I am currently located in Philadelphia, working as a Middle School Art Educator and Basketball Coach, in addition to living as a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Life is a joy, helping others in the world as an educator/coach and in different communities as a photographer/designer.

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